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논문 상세정보

울산 달천광산 인근의 식물체 중금속 축적에 관한 연구


This study was investigated the contents of heavy metals in plants at Dalcheun mine area, in order to offer basic data for phytoremedation on soil contamination by heavy metals. As the results of this study, the contents of Ni, As, Cd in plants were the highest at the west area of Dalcheun mine area. But the content of Zn was similar in all of Dalcheun mine area. For the herbaceous plants, the contents of heavy metals were higher in plants which were included in Gramineae and Compositae than any other families. And then the contents of Ni, Zn, Cd in root were higher $1.4{\sim}1.8$ times than stem, especially the content of As was higher 4 times. For the trees, the contents of heavy metals were usually high in Zanthoxylum piperitum, Pine tree, Chestnut tree, Quercus acutissima and Lindera obtusiloba. The contents of heavy metals with parts of tree were almost same range. All experimental result, we paid attention on two conclusions. First, the contents of heavy metals in herbs was higher than in trees. And second, if there were some spices that the content of heavy metal in leave were higher than in root, they could accumulate that kind of heavy metal. Therefore, It is above 2 times which the content of heavy metal in the leave is higher than in the root about herbs, that kind of plants was regarded as a accumulation species. According as the heavy metals, accumulation species were selected. We think that the accumulation species are able to absorb the heavy metals from the soil, they will make use of phytoremedation on contaminated soil by heavy metals.

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