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바이오 디젤의 발전용 연료화 타당성 평가

Feasibility Evaluation & Strategy of Replacement of Power Generation Fuel by Using Bio-diesel


Availability of reliable and affordable energy supply is a prerequisite for economic growth. Renewables are the third largest contributor to global electricity production after coal and natural gas and account for a share of 18%. Power generating capacity from renewables has increased to around 900GW by the year 2007. Today biodiesel fuels have been in commercial use in many countries and recently the world-wide biodiesel market has experienced considerable growth, which is partly due to various tax concession programs and other financial incentives. In Korea, biodiesel has already been used for transportation fuel, but not used for power generation fuel yet. Korean government has a strategy for renewable energy propagation, especially the goal of power generation amount by renewable energy is 3% of total power production by 2012. This paper focuses on the feasibility study for adaptability and strategy of using biodiesel as power generation fuel. The study also has the plan to replace the fuel of thermal power plant, gas turbine and distributed power system. As the increase of biodiesel fuel, I look forward to environment-friendly power generation and the strategy of Renewable Portfolio Standards(RPS).

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