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논문 상세정보

Nanotech for vehicle paint and flame-retardant coatings


There is a great deal of development of paint coatings for body and flame-retardant ones for interior of vehicles. And the coatings fault in different service conditions. This paper presents a few methods of the coatings' modification including the adherence and self-cleaning, resistance to washing-out and hostile environment. The methods are based on the synthesis of the colloid and ion solutions made of nanodispersed non-metal powders and composed with the source objects of modification. Solutions provide lower toxility, optimal weights control and other new advances in practical use of the semi-products and the coatings. The methods' efficiency is verified through the modification of the paint coatings for metal body of railroad passenger cars, automotive metal and plastic spare parts and so on. It is also demonstrated with reference to modification of flame-retardant coatings for the vehicle interior constructions made of wood, fabric, foam, leather and other structural.


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