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Handle with grip for comfortably holding articles by hand

국가/구분 United States(US) Patent 등록
  • A01K-027/00
출원번호 US-0871506 (2001-05-31)
발명자 / 주소
  • Axel, Wendy
대리인 / 주소
    Amster, Rothstein & Ebenstein LLP
인용정보 피인용 횟수 : 20  인용 특허 : 21


A simple, strong handle for use as a grip for holding articles comprising a carabiner-like snap hook provided with a gripping surface of the proper size and shape to be comfortably held by a human hand. The snap hook has a generally C-shaped back portion on which the gripping surface is disposed, an


1. A method for restraining a small quadruped animal, comprising: providing a snap hook having a generally C-shaped back, a gate pivotally mounted on a first end of said back, said gate selectively in contact with a second end of said back, defining an open and a closed position which can be sele

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