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특허 상세정보

Container assembly and latch apparatus, and related methods

국가/구분 United States(US) Patent 등록
국제특허분류(IPC7판) E05C-001/08    E05C-001/10    B65D-019/18    B65D-006/16    E05C-001/02    E05C-001/04    E05C-001/06   
출원번호 US-0916407 (2005-06-03)
등록번호 US-9422082 (2016-08-23)
국제출원번호 PCT/US2005/019352 (2005-06-03)
§371/§102 date 20081119 (20081119)
국제공개번호 WO2006/132613 (2006-12-14)
발명자 / 주소
출원인 / 주소
대리인 / 주소
    Nixon Peabody LLP
인용정보 피인용 횟수 : 3  인용 특허 : 90

Apparatus and methods for engaging and disengaging various members to each other are described herein. The preferred apparatus and methods reduce the number of components and/or sub-assemblies in hinged apparatus and methods and other applications, and simplify and improve the quality and efficiency of installation and removal of latches associated with the hinged elements or members. The latching/locking system and methods of the invention also enable selective relatively permanent engagement of the hinged elements or members to each other, and can perm...


1. A latch for selectively engaging and disengaging a first container component to a second container component, the latch being operable from a first side and a second opposing side, the latch comprising: a central body portion having a first central body chamber and a second central body chamber spaced from the first central body chamber, and a first recess positioned on a first side of the central body portion and a second recess positioned on a side opposite the first side, the first recess separated from the second recess by a central web wherein th...

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