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논문 상세정보

세계 전시산업의 현황 및 발전방안 연구

A Study on the Present Condition and Developmental Scheme for Global Exhibition Industry

한국디자인포럼 no.16 , 2007년, pp.323 - 334   http://dx.doi.org/10.21326/ksdt.2007..16.031
이재익, 주수현, 최성이, 원경혜

Today, Modern society is getting international period. Economic activity of many countries is applied for the world. Because of this. Trade take action that Display industry is grown too. Display industry is so rapidly development and growth.Definition of display industry is action that many goods hold together for introduction and sale. technical expertise between enterprise and country are ostentation and information by display. it is important that display industry regard as a higher value-added means. so our study is a present condition and characteristic of display industry in the inside and outside of the country by a case study, moreover we want to discover our goal.recently, Display industry is changed convention industry to characterization for museum, art gallery and Hall of Science. it is changed "watched display" to "sensitive experience display". Display industry for museum is in England, Display industry for museum is developed in England, Display industry for exhibition is developed in Germany. sensitive experience display for IT is developed in U. S. A. Trad display is developed in Singapore, hongkong, Taiwan and Dubai (in the United Arab Emirates). following that China positive support a display by nationalityIn Korea. Display industry is period of characterization and development. we are Benchmarking Dubai. we attempt that changed permanent display to non-permanent display. in addition our country try that know the Korea by variety regional festival . yet. our country have been developing step but in many areas are develop to characterization and appeal to susceptibility display. we could be expected our development.

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