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논문 상세정보

星湖 李瀷의 經世사상에 관한 一考

The Outlook on the Governing of Seong-ho Yi-Ik

민족문화연구 no.40 , 2004년, pp.375 - 394  

This paper is investigating of Seong-ho Yi-Ik by his viewpoint of money. Living in An-seong, a farm village nearby Seoul, he advanced a method of study in utility and actual proof. His viewpoint of money was different from other scholars' one. On 18th century, commerce was thriving but Seong-ho indicated bad inflence of money. He emphasized the use of daily necessaries. On this point, this paper tried to analize it in following way.First, his viewpoint of goods was connecting directly with the right to live of the people. And the stabilization of public welfare was the biggest goal of his idea. Seong-ho chose agriculture-first idea to maintain the nation and regularity in farm. When public welfare is settled by increased products (because of agriculture-first idea) the national interests would be settled, too. It was Seong-ho's thought. To realize his thought, Seong-ho was emphasizing '務農(work hard in your farm)','尙儉(economize)','禁奪(do not steal)' on the use of money. Ideal society which Seong-ho pursued can be defined 'courtesy society' which is governed by courtesy because of farming. Seong-ho didn't admit the ability of money to realize that society. And he insist daily necessaries which makes people live is the true goods.

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