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논문 상세정보

문학 텍스트와 문체론

A contrastive study on the pseudo-passive in English, Dutch and Korean.

한국어학 no.25 , 2004년, pp.1 - 22  

In this paper I surveyed general linguistic approaches to the style of literary works and writers/poets, and presented some examples of analysing fiction style and verse style. First, I discussed three steps of observing, describing, explaining the literary style. Next I examined the objects/contents and the methods of linguistic approaches to the literary style, focusing on the distinction between langue style and parole style.For an analysis of langue style, I discussed discourse/textual functions of pasttense/perfect aspect marker ‘- ss-’ and present/imperfect marker ‘-n -’ in novel(ex. remoteness/directness, background/foreground, ordinary/salient information, narration/depiction etc.). For an analysis of parole style, firstly I discussed verse style of three poets(Yun Dong-ju, Kim Soo-yeong, Shin Dong-yeop). The mainpoints I deal with here are problem solving process, the correspondence ofmeaning and form, paradigmatic relations and oppositions of poetic expressions/images. Secondly I discussed the fiction style of Jo Se-hee’s Nanjangi-gaSsoaollin jageun Gong. The main points here are the expressions referring to thecharacters of novel, paradigmatic oppositions and coherence of characters/ things/images, topic shift, cohesion, presupposition and implicature.

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