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논문 상세정보

百濟의 四天王信仰

Baekje's faith in the Four Devas

백제연구 no.39 , 2004년, pp.131 - 155  

Baekje's faith in the Four Devas can be found in Chonwang-sa Temple(天王寺) that is mentioned in the King Oija chapter of the Baekje book in The chronicles of the Three States(三國史記). It can also be testified by the fact that the Four Devas Temple of Japan is originated from Baekje(百濟). Baekje's faith in the Four Devas is believed to have a characteristic of the protection of the country when we look at the similar faith of Japan and Shilla. It is especially true when we consider that while the documents of King Oija(義慈王) all predict the decline of Baekje, they mention Chonwang-sa Temple. This characteristic is the result of the will of protecting the country and the king that is stated in the Four Devas chapter of Suvarnaprabhasottamaraja-Sutra(金光明經), the fundamental sutra of the Four Devas faith. For this reason, the transfer of the capital to Sabi is closely related to this faith. Baekje's faith in the Four Devas, it is presumed, was first introduced at the time of King Sung's reign. It is because when King Sung asked King Muje of Lyang(梁武帝) for sutras, Suvarnaprabhasottamaraja-Sutra(金光明經) or other related books could have been included. Baekje's faith in the Four Devas could have developed with its characteristic of protecting the country strongly connected to the reinforcement of kingship. the faith of Sakyamuni Buddha(釋迦佛信仰) and the faith of the king of the heaven(帝釋神仰) can be seen as an expanded form of faith in the Four Devas to strengthen kingship.

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