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논문 상세정보

9~10세기 신라 유학승들의 중국 유학과 활동반경

The Movement and Distinction of the late Silla's Monk that studied abroad Tang Dynasty in 9-10th

역사와 현실 no.56 , 2005년, pp.21 - 49  

Continued from 6th to 9-10th studing abroad in ancient China of Sillas monk. Of course there was one political change of ruined temple and leaved the priesthood, so called Hye-chang(841-846) Pe-bul(會昌廢佛) in Tang Dynasty, Sillas abroad monk also had to be socked. But Sillas Zen priest continuously went to ancient china. This paper approached to a scope of movement about abroad course of monk in the late Sillas period. Abroad Course means that, after reaching China, moving to go practice asceticism place, after spiritual awakening wandering many place.So We know the keynote of a movement of Sillas monk in China, it is as follows. First, they wandered to find out many zen masters whereabouts. So they had a lot of smattering knowledge, broad views and high intelligence.Second, these movement course in 9-10th had a difference in 6-8th Sillas abroad monk. Third, in this period the Zen monks was an ardent admirer of Sixth zen master Hae-neng(六祖 慧能), so the Zen sects distinction, his historical site cho-ge(曹溪) was highlighted.Forth, their talents is very excellent, therefore becoming popular the chinese zen sect remove to east place, that is Silla. After they returned to Silla, appointed the highest rank of priest in the Silla Dynasty.

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