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논문 상세정보

민족정신의 현재적 의미와 민족사상

The Current meaning of National Ethos and National Thought

단군학연구 v.12 , 2005년, pp.331 - 360  

In an age of ‘globalization’, the main actor in international relations is nation state. One of issues is the harmony between national policies and global prosperity. The merit of nation state is to give the foundation of cultural coerciveness and political unification. Therefore instead of globalization need, the importance of nation state cannot be ignored. In the 21st century, one of our nation goals is to keep national identities. To achieve this goal we must keep our political, economical, and cultural identification and beef up the power of military capability.The priority of independent state is the incarnation of self-awakening for nation ethos. The incarnation of nation ethos is forceful drive for our life. In our long history, we have built the consciousness in my life and community. And political, economical, and cultural subjectiveness is not only important but also military capability is important. National ethos is the main factor of subjective incarnation.The abstract notion of national ethos becomes in concrete ideas and in stage of practical actions. The national ethos is foundation of national thoughts. The spirit of nation have built the function of incarnation in identification and independent capability. And the ethos have rooted on our life and have guided the orientation of national history. The spirit of nation have created the history of national identity. In 21st century we must created national identification of our spirit and in one world and among many identities we will have the cultural nation. To take over the ethos of long history is the way of our survival in new international system.

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