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논문 상세정보

메리언 무어 시의 명징성과 모호성

현대영미시연구 v.8 no.2 , 2002년, pp.5 - 26  

Myong-Ok KimAs one of the modern poets, Marianne Moore writes her poems with the technical uniqueness such as the chopped lines, isosyllabification and the use of quotations. She, however, has some differentiation from other modern poets in that she enjoys expressing her personal likings in her poems while most modern poets of the 1920s prefer impersonal form and materials. Her deep interest in science and biology is reflected upon her techniques and choice of materials. In her poems she describes the objects, especially the natural animals in “relentless accuracy” and clear precision with avoiding the “opaque allusion” and much intellectual obscurity commonly enjoyed by the modern poets. She wants to be a “literalist of imagination” and likes to choose the “imaginary gardens with real toads in them” upon which poetic theory she likes to look straight at “the thing itself” with the attitude of the scientist. In spite of precision of her style, many poems are not easy to comprehend. It is chiefly because Moore looks into the things with observing the objects but leaves out something unknown about the hidden mystery of existence, which makes readers bewildered and grope about what is absent in the poems. Such obscurity is derived from Moore's honesty and religious humility not to dare to look beyond the observable reality, only humbly admitting the limitation of man's views on the hidden identity of the living creatures, which, as she mentions in her essay, is the originality of Moore's poems.

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