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논문 상세정보

A Study on the Recent Changes in the Decision-Making Procedure of the EC's Anti-Dumping Law

A Study on the Recent Changes in the Decision-Making Procedure of the EC's Anti-Dumping Law

통상법률 no.68 , 2006년, pp.161 - 181  

Experience in 2003 has been focused on a number of weakness in the decision-making process of the basic Regulation because two proposals of the Commission for the imposition of definitive anti-dumping measures were not supported by the necessary majority in the Council. As a result, those anti-dumping proceedings were terminated without any measures. On 30 September 2003, however, the ECJ rendered a very important Judgment and it strengthened the position of the Commission to modify provisions of the basic Regulation. Based on the Judgment by the ECJ, in order to solve the procedural problem, the Commission adopted and submitted to the Council on 15 Dec. 2003 an amended proposal which covered the decision-making process only. The amended proposal clarified the way decisions were made. In the past, the Council could reject a Commission proposal without taking position clearly, either by abstaining or by expressing a negative vote. Under the new procedure, however, a Commission proposal would be adopted unless the Council decided by a simple majority to reject it. It ensures that an affirmative position is required by Member States to overturn a Commission proposal.

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