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논문 상세정보

영상디자인 교육에서의 모션캡처 활용가능성에 관한 연구

A Possibility of Motion Capture System in Moving Image Design(MID) Education

조형미디어학 v.17 no.9-1 , 2006년, pp.47 - 56  

In this study, a possibility of motion capture system has been examined in moving image design(MID) education at Kaywon School of Art and Design. Firstly, it provides the chronological history of motion capture system from early photography to recent digital technology by literature review. Thus, it categorized four systems; electro-magnetic, mechanical, optical, and others according to capturing method. These above context reviews applied and suggested various practical production cases to the MID education two courses' curriculum, Digital Video Production and Animation Production. It also, puts some details production process and methods on the two courses. Finally, recent production samples are enumerated the motion capture system and the facts to the moving image production industry.Results indicated three practical strategies in actuality at the school, (1) the details of adjustment and complement of the learning object in relation to the courses (2) the needs of the motion capture system on the courses practical based, and the co-operation between institution and department about administration and field practice to the student, (3) the needs of multilateral community on active industrial-educational cooperation complex for the students' career and continuous technology development.

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