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논문 상세정보

시적 담론의 다성성 연구

A study of Polyphony in Poetic Discourse

한국문학논총 no.43 , 2006년, pp.415 - 441  

Dialogisme has been deeply involved with disorganization polyphony. It means that literature swallows specific social languages or others uncritically and critically. These reflect the realities of life. polyphony has been focused on ‘language’ and ‘Pluralism’. It's literature indicates peculiarities such as genuine voice itself and consciousness. That's way literature exists itself independently without any subordination. Characters must be a mainstream which would rather a active man which holds an equal status than a robot that is controlled by authors. And that ideology revealed by polyphony literature works appears not authors own but art. Otherwise polyphony is connected with between texts and readers. It appears that readers look forward to be join actively to operate on literature works. The conception of the conversion which can bring the revitalization with the imagination of the conversation by return of readers and death of writers. These things have been accomplished the Pluralism with the Postmodernism.

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