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논문 상세정보

캐릭터 비즈니스 활용연구

A study on the application of character business

한국디자인포럼 no.11 , 2005년, pp.357 - 368  

With advancement of Information Technology, the role of medium which delivers the element of 'Fun' even through on-line space is being emphasized.Recently the on-line users are not the passive consumers of the past, but participant consumers who are deeply concerned about the decision-making regarding products.On-line users are active consumers who express the craving of oneself actively and positively and,furthermore, connect their wants to commercialization. It should be noted that these on-line users, Netizens use actively the Character (character model) as a tool by which they express themselves and as a medium through which they connect themselves to the others. The consumption of the image contents using the motion picture or T.V media is suddenly decreased with activation of Internet network. This is the result of near-sightedness attitude toward the trend and the flow of technical development for the future society. Recently the instances which apply the character as business strategy on the side of the marketing using an Internet network base are increasing. It is saying that the future society will demand new marketing strategy escaping from the simple approach of the goods sale and entering into stimulation of sensitivities. Consequently, it is time that the business strategy which applies the character is very necessary. In this paper, it is tried to suggest the course of development of the present Character Industry and lay emphasis on application of the character business that could read the future trend and the positive change of the marketing strategy and target on real 'One Source Multi Use' going and coming on/off-line in freedom.

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