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논문 상세정보

전자산업 분야 직업세계에서 요구하는 컨피턴시와 공학교육의 격차에 관한 연구- 현직자의 인식을 중심으로

Study of Competency and Vocational Education in Electronics Industry

직업교육연구 v.25 no.2 , 2006년, pp.157 - 193  
한상근, 정윤경, 최동선

The purpose of this research is to clarify the elements of the function of the role of industrial college in the knowledge-based society by collecting and coming to an agreement of the opinions that its experts perceived. This research adopted the method of literature research and Delphi method, which is to collect and come to an agreement of the opinions of the 26 research panels. By this, this research classified the roles and functions which is needed to perform the role through 3 rounds, verified the priority of emphasis of the present and future through content validity ratio(CVR). The first round of Delphi method is constructed by the semi-constructed questionnaire for the analysis of the opinions of the panels by inductive method. The second round is to categorize the result of the first one into 5 role domains which are employment education, life long education, foundation education, college preparation education and humanity education, the functions into 7 domains, asked each category by Likert's 5 scale checklists, and statistically analyzed mean, medium, standard deviation, and quartile by SPSS 12.0. The third round is to statistically analyze mean, standard deviation, medium, content validity ratio(CVR), convergence, and concurrence to reassure the opinions of the panels on the basis of the result of the second one.The result on the role of Industrial college is summarized as follows. Validity is high in the order of employment education, foundation education, and life long education, but college preparation education is not valid.Physical function leading education such as ‘in-service visit and in-service training education’, and ‘licence acquiring education’, are now emphasized as the functions of employment education of industrial college, but ‘value and attitude of the job’, ‘employment counseling and job employment information’, ‘enforcement of communication ability’, ‘job and career education’, and ‘custom-made education connected with industry’ are estimated to be emphasized in the future.The functions of foundation education are emphasized in the order of ‘group involved with foundation’, ‘foundation mind and leadership education’, ‘foundation consulting’, ‘foundation support education’, and ‘enforcement of communication ability’ for the future than for the present.As mentioned above, This research clarified the role and function of the Industrial college. Follow up research is required to develop the concrete curriculum of the level of college.

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