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논문 상세정보

미국의 해외주둔군재배치(GRP)와 동북아신군사.안보질서

American GPR and its impacts on North East Asian military and security order

국제정치연구 v.8 no.2 , 2005년, pp.25 - 56  

This study examines the impact of American GPR(Global Defense Posture Review) on North East Asian military and security order. This paper pays more structural attention to GPR, rather than describes the contents of this policy. GPR is not only regarded as a policy consequence of American ‘military transformation’ program, the most advanced and powerful form of RMA, but also driven by the U.S. strategic posture pursuing after the unipolar hegemony in post-post Cold War era. In this context, the application of GPR, mainly focused on the change in deployment of U.S. troops in R.O.K. and Japan, implies military and political influence on North East Asian regional order.Our research picks up two points of GPR’s impact on this region. Firstly, GPR will stimulate the regional arms race, especially in the field of RMA for the preparation of knowledge-intensive warfare, among major countries. GPR will conduce the major countries of this region to accelerate their RMA preparing for future warfare as well as for the protection of their security interest. Secondly, impact of American GPR make the security order of this region more competitive in the paradigm of balance of power. The rise of ‘Great China’ will bid defiance to American predominance with the multipolarization policy especially approaching to Russia. Japan, in the context of diplomatic bandwagon, profits from the GPR by taking the opportunities in the expansion of regional military role. This competitive aspects of regional balance of power make Republic of Korea to formulate their security policy much more strategic and dynamic.

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