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논문 상세정보

이용자 및 사회환경비용을 고려한 포장유지대안의 생애주기비용분석

Life Cycle Cost Analysis of Pavement Maintenance Standard Considering User and Socio-Environmental Cost

대한토목학회 논문집D v.27 no.6D , 2007년, pp.727 - 740  
한대석, 도명식, 김성현, 김정환

This paper aimed at long term life cycle cost analysis for determining optimal pavement maintenance standard. Previous studies were concentrated on agency cost as a main economic index. But it is time to consider not only user cost but also socio-environmental cost. Because these costs become more and more important for global environment, saving energy resource, human's safety and health. Our recent studies tried to estimate optimal maintenance standard based on VOC (Vehicle Operating Cost) and travel time cost by using HDM-4 (Highway Development & Management-4). But it was limited to only agency and user cost. In a strict sense, it can't be referred to as optimal strategy. To determine optimal maintenance standard, we integrated various methodologies estimating socio-environmental cost. Total cost was composed of agency cost included in rehabilitation and routine maintenance, VOC, travel time, emission, accident, work zone delay cost. Besides, we performed HDM-4 re-calibration on vehicle fleet and deterioration model. In conclusion, we suggest that `IRI 3.5~4.0 m/km or rutting 25 mm' is most appropriate (cost-effective) standard for network maintenance of pavement. It is very similar to our previous studies. Also, we know that vehicle operating cost and travel time cost have much higher ratio of pavement life cycle cost than the others.

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