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논문 상세정보

이바스키에비츠의 『빌코의 아가씨들(Panny z Wilka)』연구

A Study on 『Panny z Wilka』 by Jarosław Iwaszkiewicz

동유럽발칸연구 v.15 , 2005년, pp.149 - 173  

Established some 400 years ago, Loránd Eötvös University of Sciences(ELTE) has produced a strong and doubtlessly positive effect on the development of Hungarian scientific and cultural life. Originally a religious institution of, in the modern age it became a secular institution of higher education. In general the Hungarian governments gave substantial support to ELTE so as to facilitate the training of new elites. It was only era of Stalinism(1948-1953) that relations between the university and the authorities proved intensely hostile, and in 1956 the students of ELTE played a very active role in the revolution against Communist dictatorship and Soviet rule. Nevertheless, ELTE was usually able to inspire and support social, economic, and cultural progress, and the role it played in the blossoming of Hungarian literature proved particularly significant. The development of Hungarian literature was closely intertwined with the development of ELTE. Of the most notable Hungarian writers and poets, many studied at ELTE. Of these authors, we may name Miklós Zrínyi(a representative of Hungarian Baroque literature), László Amade, Ferenc Faludi(Hungarian Rococo poets), Romantic poets Mihály Vörösmarty and Ferenc Kölcsey(the latter was the author of the Hungarian national anthem), and several poets of the 20th-century Symbolist literary journal Nyugat(e.g. Mihály Babits, Dezső Kosztolány, Gyula Juhász). Several important figures of current Hungarian literary life, such as Péter Esterházy also studied at ELTE.

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