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논문 상세정보

?엘리자베타 밤?에서의 상상계와 실재

The Imaginary and the Real in D. Kharms's Elizaveta Bam

러시아연구 v.17 no.2 , 2007년, pp.123 - 148   http://dx.doi.org/10.22414/rusins.2007.17.2.123

D. Kharms's Elizaveta Bam has been considered as a "manifesto" of the OBERIU theater, which emphasizes theatrical plot than dramatic one. Although it may seem absurd and nonsense at first sight, the plot in Elizaveta Bam has its own logic, which can be viewed as a struggle between the imaginary and the symbolic. Elizaveta Bam, the heroin in the text is traced by two men for her having killed someone, but insists her being innocent. This is the basic situation in the text, which reminds us of the terror in soviet society. All she can do to demonstrate her innocence is to postpone arrest through her imagination, which basically intends to transform the real situation to harmless play or game. The real in Elizaveta Bam is the antagonism between the imaginary world constructed by its heroin and the reality controlled by the political power, which after all succeeds in arresting her. This plot line in Elizaveta Bam shows that "the real art" in Kharms means "the art of the real", manifestation of the impossibility in representing the social antagonism.

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