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논문 상세정보

명문대 중심 대입관과 사교육비 지출간의 관계 분석: 사교육 원인에 대한 사회심리적 접근

An Socio-Psychological Approach to the Cause of Shadow Education in South Korea

교육행정학연구 v.25 no.4 , 2007년, pp.455 - 484  

This study reexamines Lee’s (2006) study, using an analysis of Hierarchical LinearModel, to explore how structurally key family, student, and cultural backgroundfactors influence parent expenditure on shadow education, focusing on the impact ofsociopsychological factor. Of key importance, this study highlights how prestigeorientation shapes students’ uses of shadow education with affected by the otherfactors such as family and student backgrounds.Data were drawn from the 2004 Korean Education and Employment Panel.Regression analyses were conducted to measure the impact of prestige orientation onparent expenditure while controlling for other salient variables such as parent incomeand education, students’ prior grades, school quality, and school urbanicity.Findings show that prestige orientation than any other modeled variable has moresignificant and substantive effect on the use of shadow education, affected by familybackground. Though policies have targeted the problems like low school quality, thisstudy suggests that the roots of shadow education lie much deeper within SouthKorean culture.The results of this study, therefore, indicates the difficulty faced by South Koreanpolicy makers attempting to mitigate the demand for private tutoring. It recommendsthat South Korean policy makers approach shadow education matter from the morecomprehensive and long-term perspective, instead of focusing on the short-termcountermeasures to mitigate the demand for shadow education. More viable policiesmay be those aimed at offering competitive public alternatives to private tutoring.The study may also offer insight about how to meet theoretical and practicalchallenges to formal schooling caused by the growth of shadow education over theworld.

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