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논문 상세정보


The Development and Effects of an Integrated Symptom Management Program for Prevention of Recurrent CardiacEvents after Percutaneous Coronary Intervention

Journal of Korean Academy of Nursing v.38 no.2 , 2008년, pp.217 - 228  

Purpose: This study was conducted to develop and to determine the effects of an integrated symptom managementprogram for prevention of recurrent cardiac events after percutaneous coronary intervention. Methods: Subjects consistedof 58 CAD patients (experimental group: 30, control group: 28). The experimental group participated in an integratedsymptom management program for 6 months which was composed of tailored education, stress management, exercise,diet, deep breathing, music therapy, periodical telephone monitoring and a daily log. The control group received the usualcare. Results: The experimental group significantly decreased symptom experiences and the level of LDL compared tothe control group. The experimental group significantly increased self care activity and quality of life compared to the controlgroup. Although no significant difference was found in cardiac recurrence, the experimental group had fewer recurrences.Conclusion: These results suggest that an integrated symptom management program for prevention of recurrentcardiac events after percutaneous coronary intervention can improve symptom aggravation, recurrent rate, self care activityand quality of life. Nursing interventions are needed to maintain and further enhance the quality of life of these patientsand the interventions should be implemented in the overall transition period.

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