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논문 상세정보

직업교육 만족에 미치는 요인분석 연구 - 상업계 고등학교 학생 중심으로

A Study on the Analysis of Influencing Factors on the Satisfaction of Korean Vocational Education Programs: Based on Korean Commercial High School Students

상업교육연구 v.19 , 2008년, pp.101 - 128  
김영지, 김학민

Most vocational high schools in Korea have been criticized by providing unsuccessful professional education to the students. Their vocational education programs are often told not to help the students get a good job. The problem becomes more critical since the number of students application has decreased while that of dropouts has increased. The object of this study is to find out some alternatives of providing effective vocational education. It is also of importance to find out determinant factors to result in high degree of satisfaction by the students. A conceptual model was built up to explain the students satisfaction and some possible candidate factors are suggested in this paper. To prove this, a survey was designed and performed. The research results are as follows. First, it was found that the high quality of vocational high school education curriculum and effective teaching methods could motivate the students to get a job just after graduation. Second, both factors of successful job acquisition and teaching methods are found to differentiate the two groups of students; the students who want to get a job just after graduation and those who do not want to. Especially, successful job acquisition had great influence on whether they want a job soon after graduation. Finally, this thesis suggested some solutions to improve the quality of the vocational education and to attract more capable students to the schools.

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