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논문 상세정보

독일 나찌 시기의 독일적 기독교인 운동

The German Christian Movement in the Nationalsocialist Period

신학사상 no.141 , 2008년, pp.113 - 158   http://dx.doi.org/10.35858/sinhak.2008..141.004

The German christian insist on the new historical revelation in Hitler and try to find the revelation of God in Hitler movement. They want to establish the German national church and combine church with politics of Nazi. A group of German christian denies the peace movement, internationalism and naturally marxism and is a fighting group against the traditional church leader. They hope, that their movement ist to be a movement of living and the church, which is adjusting to German nationality.The Nazi leaders get the upholders inner the national, conservative and anti-jews church. Many of christian share Nazis national mentality and agree to Nazis struggle against marxist anti-christianity. According to them a nation and a fatherland are the grace and gifts of God. Therefore if that the church is to be international and peaceful, is against the creation order of God.The German christian, who try to revive the German nation by the conjunction of the state and church, is divided to many groups after the political theological argument. During the Third Reich many people in the inside and outside of the country are in torture. But the German christian alike the other general people places his hope on this reich and many of the christian don't want to take part in the politics affairs. However their standpoint of the politics is similar to the German christian.When Hitler consolidates his power, keep a distance from the German christian, because he feels, their militant and revolutionary line is very dangerous. Inside church also the theological and church political argument with the German christian brake up into several splinter groups.

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