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논문 상세정보

綜合金融會社 失敗에 관한 硏究: 說問照査 및 인터뷰 分析을 中心으로

A Study on the Failure of Merchant Banks: Based on Questionnaire and Interviews

아태연구 v.14 no.1 , 2007년, pp.143 - 173   http://dx.doi.org/10.18107/japs.2007.14.1.009

This paper presents a case of the failure of Korea's merchant banks in the wake of the 1997 Korean financial crisis, based on both questionnaire and interviews analysis undertaken in April 2002. The survey was carried out to get information and opinion from sources in the closely related areas, including staff of merchant banks, professors, scholars, government officials and journalists. Various malpractice and negative factors in both individual institutions and financial system were perceived through the survey analysis, such as lack of appropriate supervision over financial industry, reckless business by financial institutions, etc. In the process of financial reform following the crisis, various measures have been taken to rectify factors likely to deteriorate financial institutions, including strengthened prudential regulation and supervision, and enhanced accounting standards, although there is something to be desired. [C81, G21, G33, N25]

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