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길찾기 능력수준에 따라 지도회전이 길찾기와 공간지식에 미치는 영향

The Effects of Map Rotation on Wayfinding and Spatial Knowledge Depending on Wayfinding Ability

Korean Journal of Clinical Psychology v.27 no.4 , 2008년, pp.879 - 890   http://dx.doi.org/10.15842/kjcp.2008.27.4.006
권효석, 이장한

We developed a virtual city to examine the effects of map rotation on wayfinding efficiency (WE) and spatial knowledge (SK) in navigation systems depending on the subjects' wayfinding abilities. Eighty male college students completed the Wayfinding Ability Test, and 30 students who scored above/below the 25th percentile were divided into two groups of 15. In a virtual city, both groups participated in wayfinding tasks using track-up map and north-up map in the first and third session, respectively. Both groups also completed spatial knowledge tests in the second and fourth sessions. To control the experiences of 3D games, 2 (map types) X 2 (groups) repeated-measures ANCOVAs were used. In the results, significant interactions of map types and groups were found on both WE and SK. That is, the students in the lower 25th percentile attained higher WE and SK scores when they used the track-up map rather than the north-up map. In contrast, the students in the upper 25th percentile attained higher WE and SK scores when they used the north-up map rather than the track-up map. After the correlation analysis between sub-components of wayfinding ability and WE/SK in both map conditions, it showed that, in the north-up map condition, the correlation between ‘sense of direction’ and WE and the correlation between ‘using map’/‘visuospatial perception’ and SK were significant. These results suggest that those with poor wayfinding abilities use track-up map more favorably for WE and SK, that those with a poor sense of direction have difficulties with wayfinding when using the north-up map, and that those with poor map/visuospatial perception have difficulty achieving SK when using the north-up map.

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