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논문 상세정보

A Study on Practicality of R&D Outcomes from the Korean Land Spatialization Program

A Study on Practicality of R&D Outcomes from the Korean Land Spatialization Program

Spatial Information Research v.16 no.4 , 2008년, pp.385 - 400  
김병국, 최홍성, Yeun J. Jung, 박지만, 박동윤, 이용익, 박재민

This study investigates how Korean Land Spatialization Group (KLSG) has controlled and managed its own R&D effectively and what particular elements have made it practical. Korean Land Spatialization Program (KLSP) has produced large amounts of practical outcomes for the intelligent land by collaborative 5 core research projects. The well-harmonized cooperations between proving ground, practical business model, and services oriented integration and others have driven the KLSG to an succeedable management. The active role for practicality is prominent with its usefulness and competitiveness. KLSP is financially and administratively supported from Ministry of Land Transport and Maritime Affairs of Korea (MLTM). By investigating relationships between 5 core research projects involved in the R&D projects of KLSG, it has been found out that R&D projects of KLSG bring forth practicality and commercialization. The results of this study presents strategies of KLSP in conducting research for practicality and commercialization of GIS technology and integrated geospatial information.

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