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논문 상세정보

울리히 벡의 ‘성찰적 근대화론’ 비판 - 성장의 사회 압력에 의한 행위의 관점에서

A Critique of Reflexive Modernization Theory by Ulrich Beck - from the Perspective of Action by Social Pressure of Growth -

담론201 v.12 no.1 , 2009년, pp.133 - 159   http://dx.doi.org/10.17789/discou.2009.12.1.006

The German sociologist Ulrich Beck became well-known by proposing'reflexive modernization theory.' However, unlike his expectations, reflexivemodernization itself is not empirically observed. From the social pressure ofmarket and the ruling of expanded reproduction rate, I try to find the reason forthat a gap exists between reality and arguments of Ulrich Beck. The socialpressure of market and ruling of expanded reproduction rate still produce residual risks. They keep non-reflexive modernization going.Reflexive modernization theory by Ulrich Beck is not based on the reality,but project changes which must proceed in the future. However, the theory causes a lot of misunderstandings as he describes the reflexive modernization by present tense. He said that the reflexive modernization will proceed by the accumulation of risks and the expansion of risk recognitio, and that potential residual risks are not dependent on the goal of economic growth. Such kinds of his arguments are accepted as an actual description of the real world. However, unlike his arguments, potential accompanying effects are gradually increasing instead of decreasing, despite that environmentalconsciousness is raising with the accelerating of environmental risks. In thispaper, I argue that accepting risks is not a choice, but a compulsion by the social pressure for keeping average profit and growth rate.

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