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논문 상세정보

인도네시아의 이슬람 급진주의: 역사적 전개과정과 이념적․실천적 특성

Islamic Radicalism in Indonesia: Historical Development, Ideology and Praxis

동남아시아연구 v.19 no.2 , 2009년, pp.57 - 91   http://dx.doi.org/10.21652/kaseas.19.2.200906.57

The purpose of this paper is to examine historical development, ideology and praxis of Islamic radicalism in Indonesia. In the second part of this paper, radical trends under Sukarno and Suharto governments will be dealt with, focusing on three streams of Darul Islam, Dewan Dakwah Islamiyah Indonesia and Islamic secret sects. The third part investigates the surge of radical Islamic movements after the fall of Suharto regime. For this, three organizations are again selected for detailed analysis. This paper argues that, judging from active engagements of radical organizations in national and international affairs and favorable attitude of general Muslims toward them, radicalism has recently established itself as one of the major constituents of Indonesian Islam. To put it differently, the current situation signifies that under the Suharto regime, a diversification of so-called the santri has been underway. Contrary to the traditional santri group which emphasizes the fulfillment of faith in the private sphere, another group has been crystallized, which gives priority to Islamic roles in public sphere and attempts to realize these. It is difficult to pinpoint the reasons why this group has emerged. Its effect, however, can relatively easily be grasped. With the surge of this new radical stream, the rhetoric of an establishment of Islamic state and a realization of Islamic law has no longer been tabooed and has been instated as the key element in public discourse of Islam.

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