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논문 상세정보

Microfluidic Cell Culture Systems for Cellular Analysis

Microfluidic Cell Culture Systems for Cellular Analysis

BioChip Journal v.1 no.1 , 2007년, pp.17 - 27  
연주헌, 박제균

Microfluidic systems have significant implications for the fields of cell biology and cell-based assay as they enable conventional assays to be conducted using an automated and high-throughput approach. Unlike conventional in vitro cell culture methods, microfluidics can provide small and complex structures mimicking the in vivo environment of cells. Recent research has shown that microfluidic cell culture systems convey more reliable results due to their ability to grow cells as biological systems do, and because they outperform those from conventional cell cultures and assay systems. According to a variety of cell types, different microfluidic platforms have been reported. The performance of microfluidic devices highly depends on the inner structure providing cells with the in vivo-like environment to cells. In this paper, the microfluidic cell culture systems developed are reviewed and categorized according to their cell type and assay development. Potential applications of current microfluidic cell culture systems are also addressed.

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