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논문 상세정보

한일(韓日) 초등학교 국어 교과서에 수록된 동시와 동화

The literary work to be mentioned in Korean and Japanese Textbook

한국문예창작 v.8 no.2 , 2009년, pp.383 - 413  

The literary work mentioned in Korean and Japanese Textbook hasmany similarity and difference. The following is the peculiaritiescompared from an angle of difference.1. There are lots of onomatopoeic words and mimetic ones onchildren’s verse of Korea. Because that makes the children get subtlydifferent feelings of language. In other words, Korea set a high valueon education base on functionalism before relishing poems itself. ButJapan value the literary work above everything else at aesthetic pointof view.2. Even nameless author is invited to Textbook in Korea. It thinksmuch of a text suited to teaching language. but in Japanese textbook,a summit-level one like Miyajawa Kenji and Kaneko Misuzu ismentioned.3. A fairy tale in Korean textbook is realistic and, what is more,very instructive. but one in Japanese’is poetical and environmentfriendly.Both put a fable to good use to give occasion for motivationto study.4. Fantastical stories of Korea are less than that of Japan. So, Itcaused want of imagination and dream. For this reason, children ofKorea usually like animation of Japan. And in Japanese case, afellowship of person to person is a smaller number than Korean one.What is worse, the traditional utopia of Japan is not inflated to theneighboring country.5. The national language education of Korea and Japan has Asianflavor(worth). Both had better actualize pacifism in an area of thenational language education through interchange between each other.

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