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논문 상세정보

2008년 베이징올림픽 이후 중국 종교정책의 변화 가능성에 대한 예측

A Study on the Possible Change in Chinese Government's Religious Policy after the 2008 Beijing Olympics

선교와신학 no.25 , 2010년, pp.167 - 198  

On 24 August 2008, the closing day of Beijing Olympic Games, Xinhua News declared that "with the birth of New China, its old history as 'the patient country in Asia' has finally ended." In regard with that, one Korean newspaper interpreted that message; "they proclaimed that the era of western infiltration has ended and the Chinese Renaissance began." In this situation, the world show deep interest in China's direction of changes after the 2008 Beijing Olympics.For a long time, China has appeared as a weak country. They were trampled down by the empires. Moreover, although they did not give up their ideological identity as a socialist state, they experienced great changes by western capitalism for the last 30 years. For these reasons, China wants to display their stately confidence and in order to do so, they should actively go along with the global trends.During the course of preparing and hosting the Olympics, the Chinese government adopted a relatively open religious policy. Its policy of religious freedom is based on the Marxism-Leninism's religious theory, which is represented by the theory religious's natural death. The 2008 Beijing Olympic was the realization of 'a century's dream' of the Chinese and their government. This realized dream is now a starting point toward another century's dream.The religious department of the Chinese government is revising its policy to control foreigners' religious activities. China is moving fast to adapt itself to the tranforming social system. After the Olympic Games, its altered religious policy is meant to control religious as a method of 'PRC United Front strategy.' When we put a frog into a beaker of cold water and heat it up, the frog dies without being aware of the fatal heat. It seems to be certain that the Chinese government decided to employ its historical lessons and make use of the unyielding religious as a means to support the socialism system rather than continue persecuting it. Therefore, it is time to pick a choice. We can rest on should jup out of it before it is too late.

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