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논문 상세정보

언론사의 여성 리더십에 대한 탐색적 연구 승진 및 리더십 인식을 중심으로

The Study on Gender Differences in Leadership among Reporters’ Recognitions: Focus on the Perception of Promotion and Leadership

미디어, 젠더 & 문화 no.13 , 2010년, pp.115 - 154  

This research explores the gender differences in the perception of ‘factors of promotion’ and ‘the types of chief’s leadership’ in the press where reporters work for not only pursuing the public benefits of their duties but also seeking the profits of the individual company. The research especially focuses on the leadership of female journalists according to the change of the corporate culture at this time when there is a steady increase in female journalists and their working conditions, such as division posting, are getting better. The findings of this research are summarized as follows; Male-oriented organizational culture is still remaining although it has improved compared to that of 1997, and gender differences are found at the high priority for factors of promotion. Male and female reporters rate male and female chief’s leaderships high respectively;however, both recognize ‘transformational leadership’ as an ideal type of leadership, and female chiefs have better appraisals than male in that type. It means, as 21st-century leader of the press, female reporters get more strong points in the recognition of organizational members than male.

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