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논문 상세정보

李贄에 관한 신문기사의 분석과 평가

An Analysis and Evaluation of Newspaper Articles on Li Zhi

양명학 no.25 , 2010년, pp.77 - 103   http://dx.doi.org/10.17088/tksyms.2010..25.003

When Li Zhi(李贄)’s major works, ‘Fen Shu(焚書)’ ‘Xu Fen shu(續焚書)’ and ‘Biographies’ were translated or rewritten and published in Korean language, many daily newspapers in Korea were extremely interested in the works. Although it is not rare that newspapers are frequently interested in academic research results, most of the daily newspapers paid more particular attention to Li Zhi and his ‘Fen Shu.’The purpose of this study is to analyse and evaluate the articles of those daily newspapers on Li Zhi and his ‘Fen Shu,’ ‘Xu Fen shu’ and ‘Biographies’ published in Korea. The daily newspapers have a large number of readers in all parts of the country. Recently, moreover, the Internet has made those daily newspapers be more widely distributed, maintained and utilized all over the country. Accordingly, an attempt to analyse and evaluate the articles of the newspapers on Li Zhi is required to understand the nature of the mass media handling academic research results. To comply with the requirement, this study was carried out by examining 25 articles on Li Zhi of the major newspapers published between 1998 and 2008.The newspapers reported that based on his ‘Fen Shu,’ Li Zhi was imagined and identified as a philosopher who strongly criticize Confucianism and Kong Zi(孔子). As the mass media, in general, the newspapers put the focus of their news value on the interest and curiosity of people. It seems, therefore, that the reason why the newspapers paid careful attention to Li Zhi is because his unique identity was a reaction against the general feature of Confucianism. However, only some particular parts of news are emphasized so excessively on the basis of the news value while changing the uniqueness to the news that they can affect people’s perception.The analysis on the newspaper articles in this study was based on ‘Fen Shu,’ ‘Xu Fen shu’ and other academic researches. The analysis result showed that the articles simply focused on only the news value without introductory explanation about Li Zhi’s overall life and ideas. The reason is that the articles of those newspapers, basically, reflec precedent studies on Li Zhi. This study suggests, therefore, that it is necessary to find out and solve limit problems of the newspaper articles on Li Zhi, and to reinterpret Li Zhi’s philosophy and life recognized a typical person who was against Kong Zi or Confucianism.

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