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논문 상세정보

디지털 스토리텔링 기반의 전시디자인 기법 연구

A Study on Techniques for Exhibition Design Based on Digital Storytelling

한국디자인포럼 no.27 , 2010년, pp.179 - 187   http://dx.doi.org/10.21326/ksdt.2010..27.017

Due to accelerate a development of ubiquitous technology, revolution of information technology brings big changes to the society. The network will come in wide use and functions of microprocessor which is scattered soak into human activity space with lapse of time. It is also coming to be planned to create new environments for display exprssion of museum in concept of ubiquitous technology. This research leads new paradigm and a direction of development of techniques for display exprssion of museumlay which is stand on the basis of digital story telling. There is an assumption digital storytelling appears display presentation method as the existing method. With this assumption, the research aims at goals as follows.First, observe change process in storytelling and also observe digital story telling which is center of presentation concept in museum of ubiquitous technical base. Second, display type can be classified from method of display presentation. Centering around this, collect tendency of various display method which reflects in feature of ubiquitous technique and abstract features of display presentation. Then, analyze the results. Third, by grafting the results from above and features of display presentation on characteristics of digital storytelling, present desirable display presentation method of digital storytelling.To be true to interact between exhibition and spectators, between spectators and display space, or between spectators and cyber space, there should be digital storytelling in display presentation.Prologue, image, movie, and interaction should be integrated. To be established display presentation method of digital storytelling base of perfect immersion, there should verify by constant case collection and analysis. It should not just stop as research. It must be applied actual display presentation in hereafter.

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