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논문 상세정보

조선전기 한ㆍ일 간의 어업분쟁과 남해 어장 개방에 관한 연구

A Study on Fishing Conflicts between Korea and Japan and the Openness of Fishing Grounds in Southern See in the Early Chosun

차세대 인문사회연구 no.6 , 2010년, pp.123 - 145   http://dx.doi.org/10.22538/jnghss.2010..6.123

Even after the foundation of Chosun, the continuous appeasement policy and hard-line policy toward Japanese help stabilizing the coastal areas gradually. Especially, in the Southern see, native Chosun fishermen, Japanese and Hungli Japanese(Japanese traders and merchants) reside together, and therefore, fishing activities here were shown as a mixed pattern. As a result, the area of Southern see can be easily imagined as a place where the pillage of fishing grounds between Japanese and Chosun people occurs often.Due to this frequent struggle for fishing grounds, the Japanese affected by economic activities came to openness of a fishing ground frequently, and finally even to the openness of a fishing ground in Gocho Island. The royal court of Chosun allowed the openness of Gocho Island, after a series of discussions, on the conditions that a fishing ground will be managed by Chosun government and they will receive the fishing tax.During the reign of King Sungjong became loosened, frequent Japanese invasions were shown to the sea again. One of the most representative events is the invasion of fishing grounds of Japanese living in Chepo in the reign of King Sungjong. King Sungjong tried to deal with this event in a more legally-formalized manner. This policy was placed around the replacement point of Toyotomi Regime and was expected to be firmly established as a new regulatory policy, however the sudden death of King Sungjong prevented it from becoming a new policy toward Japanese.This study examined some events related to fishing activities by some Japanese during early Chosun, and it is necessary to look into overall Chosun in the territorial aspect of the sea by extending the period of study.

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