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논문 상세정보

공공기념공간의 인터페이스 분석을 통한 복합적 소통구조 제안

A Proposal of Complex Communication Structure on Public Memorial Space by Study of Interface System

미술이론과 현장 no.8 , 2009년, pp.145 - 162  
이승환, 김영찬

Space is a phenomenon which is formed in the connection between environment and human beings and public space is built by a complex phenomenon of space. Each and every individual is connected to an environment and these individuals are connected to one another. A public commemorative space means souvenir and memorial which is designed for special purpose of remembrance of a specific area.One of the purposes of public commemorative space is memorial and that is the reason of doing public relation and educating citizens over the transom. However, the meaning and value of commemorative subject cannot be delivered or stuffed one- sidely. The target who receives messages from public commemorative space has reinterpreted the messages of his own with his personal experience, knowledge and sensitivity. It results in an unexpected phenomenon of public commemorative space. Therefore, public commemorative space should be considered in a mutual communication structure rather than a purpose of memorial itself. Korean public commemorative space is focused on public relation and education for memorial. In other words, Korean public commemorative space is neglected its important possibility of the productive chapter of mutual communication. The mutual communication structure of public commemorative space which is based on variety and haecceity is ripped up by the message over the transom. It destroys the self-control and creativity of public commemorative space, and derives a negative result. By studying the function and meaning of public commemorative space, we should make the best use of it.

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