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논문 상세정보

대안학교 관련 법제 정비방안 연구

A Study of Law and Legislation on Alternative Schools

교육법학연구 v.22 no.1 , 2010년, pp.169 - 197   http://dx.doi.org/10.17317/tjle.22.1.201006.169
황준성, 이혜영

The purpose of this study is to investigate law and legislation on Alternative Schools considering its high necessity in Korea. As a result of investigation on the issue, Three points of view on implication are suggested. One is to discuss the concept of alternative schools. In the light of the suggested concept, secondly, this paper categorizes alternative schools that are in the Korean legislative system and analyzes their practical status in terms of legislation. Finally, the study suggests a legislative improvement on alternative schooling with concrete ideas in types of the schools.First of all, while avoiding the meaning of 'alternative' captured in certain ideology, the research widens the concept of alternative education to 'a school providing various programs, activities, and facilities through specialized methods for certain educational ideas which pursues new learning experiences distinguished from typical public education.' It also categorizes the schools into specialized, alternative as Miscellaneous School, unauthorized alternative schools by current Korea legislative attitude.Furthermore, the necessity of legislative improvement is related to three aspects, which are a response on high desire for alternative schools currently, requirements for practical supports in governmental and social levels, and the unstable legislative status of unauthorized alternative schools. Ideas for the actions on law and legislation is supported by autonomy and public harmony in the name of educational fundamental rights.This study suggests concrete ideas to intensify the legislative status of specialized alternative schools by legislating them in types, to consider unauthorized alternative schools by law and legislation on alternative education as Miscellaneous School, and to solve the unstability of unauthorized alternative schools by legislation.

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