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논문 상세정보

만화의 공간과 상상력의 스토리텔링-「만화 짜장면」과 만화 「리니지」를 중심으로

Comics’ Space and Imagination Storytelling - Focusing on the Comic Book Jajangmyeon and the Comics Lineage-

인문콘텐츠 no.19 , 2010년, pp.279 - 300  
김기국, 오세정

In this multimedia age, comic books have become dynamic, stimulating texts demanding an imaginative response from both the creator and the reader, especially in its medium, narrative, and content as part of the newly emerging popular culture after the advent of film and television. In its early beginnings, comics was not considered an independent artistic genre but like pop art or graffiti which were seen as vulgar art forms, it has become not only a form that appeals to the general public but a new genre of art. Then, how did comics manage to provide the kind of progressive narrative as the movie or television show in an age of digital technology? And how, in an age of visual culture, did comics as a series of images compete with multimedia texts composed of film, sound, and voice? This paper examines comics as text and work of art and suggests how its techniques and characteristics have allowed it to reach the two achievements of literary narrative and artistic imagination. Focusing on the comic book Jajangmyeon which is based on the novel Jajangmyeon by Do-hyeon Ahn and the popular online comics “Lineage,” the study analyzes the comics’ technique of using the spaces of image, story, and imagination in order to reveal its quality of imaginative storytelling. The reader must not stop at simply looking at the images sketched in the comic book or reading its narrative. In order to fully appreciate and understand the fun and significance of comics as text, with all its constitutive pictures, letters, images, words, and sounds, it is important to discover the ways in which the comic artist conveys the imaginative storytelling.

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