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논문 상세정보

1970년대 하위주체와 합법적 폭력의 문제-최인호의 「미개인」과 「예행연습」을 중심으로

The Subalterns and the Legal Violences of Korean Society in 1970s —focusing on Choi Inho's Novels, "The Savage" and "A Rehearsal"—

인문학연구 no.41 , 2011년, pp.113 - 136  

In modern Korean history, 1970s is a period when the social mechanism of violence is structured. In this period, the violences in state sovereignty, capitalism, resistance movement have a paradox of depending both on a dichotomy of legality/illegality and on an invalidity of them. It says that it is needed to ask about legal basis which state sovereignty monopolize and legitimize violences. 'The Savage', a novel written by Choi Inho, treats people's behavior of banishment and exclusion to urban rabbles and represents a state violence which gives and takes citizenship and a right to live by democratic and legal process.It shows that the desire and purpose of capitalism combines with values and political form of democracy in people's behavior. 'A Rehearsal', his another novel, is based on a logic of inclusion by which guides delinquent boys aright through training and civilizing them. But its conclusion scene shows that some subalterns has ability beyond citizenship because of their nature such as a homosexuality. As a result, his two novels not only appeals subalterns' facing legel violences and their pains but also makes us think of a possibility of subject positioning beyond sovereignty and legal basis.

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