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논문 상세정보

Church, State and Christian Mission in Legacy of Western Mission and Future of Korean Mission

Church, State and Christian Mission in Legacy of Western Mission and Future of Korean Mission

선교와신학 no.23 , 2009년, pp.13 - 39  

This paper consists of two parts. In the first part, it briefly introduces biblical theology of Christian mission and Christ’s missionary method that opposed oppressive rules of the state and the uncharitable legalism of the Pharisees. Early Christians proclaimed the Gospel of salvation in Christ with love and kindness. The Christian population grew spontaneously. However, after the edict of Milan the Christian mission became highly institutionalized and closely allied with the state of Rome. Now Christian mission became instruments of national and international politics with military and economic expansion.The Second part of the paper deals the important place of Korean Christian mission as a new movement of reconciliation and peace in proclamation of Christ’s Gospel. To renew and revitalize Korean churches mission to the world, the author makes three proposals for the churches mission: First to change the Christian attitude toward other religions, taking religions of other people seriously as foundations of their culture, symbols and values. Christians are not to be hostile to other peoples religious leaders and respect religious scriptures. The second is to embrace the important role of women in mission. Christian mission is a mission of all people of God as one body witnessing to God’s truth to all people. The witnessing community consists of many groups of people both men and women.The Third is to take Christian theology of reconciliation seriously. The world is full of divisions and conflicts. In midst of such conflicts the missionary activities, proclaiming the Gospel of reconciliation and fulfilling the ministry of reconciliation are noble task of Christian mission. Reconciliation is a spiritual necessity to achieve world peace and without peace there will be no affective mission works to bring God’s kingdom.

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