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논문 상세정보

萬寶山사건 전후 동북아의 민족관계와 민족모순 - 중국인의 사건 인식을 중심으로

The Chinese Recognition of the Northeast Asia's Ethnic Relations and their Problems about the time of Wanbaoshan Incident

역사학보 no.210 , 2011년, pp.259 - 293  

Chinese recognition of ethnic relations and contradictions in Northeast Asia both before and after the Wanbaoshan Incident was somewhat incomplete. A small number of Koreans were interested in leasing land for cultivating rice in Manchuria. At the time, some Koreans in the Manchurian region were either actively or passively working with the Chinese in the struggle against Japan. Many Koreans, however, were using their dual Korean/Japanese citizenship to act in an opportunistic manner, and Japan supported the migration of Korean citizens into the area so that their presence could be used as a pretext to invade the region.China had previously invited the Korean immigrants as they promoted Chinese economic development. The resulting clash between Chinese farmers and Japanese police left the China looking as if it was at fault.In conclusion, some Chinese had encouraged Korean migration as a source of land lease profits. Many Chinese however tried to oust the Koreans migrants to prevent the Japanese invasion of Manchuria. In response, the Japanese used the resulting disturbance to order the invasion of the continent, which exacerbated ethnic Chinese/Korean conflict throughout Manchuria. At the time Koreans living in Manchuria had no place to go, and were the subject of discrimination and oppression from both the Chinese and Japanese. The overall level of discrimination was offset somewhat however by the existence of Koreans working against Japan in the region.

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