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논문 상세정보

정보의 제시양식과 복잡성에 따른 웹사이트 효과

The Effects on Information Presentation Modes and Complexity of Website

한국디자인포럼 no.32 , 2011년, pp.161 - 170   http://dx.doi.org/10.21326/ksdt.2011..32.014

As the development in computer and communication technologies, websites could use the combination of text, graphic, and animation in order to present the information. This study adds the measurement of assessing emotions to the memory, which has been the major measurement scale of the cognitive effects, because there are reports of inconsistency in results from the earlier findings on cognitive effects under the same conditions of information presentation mode.The laboratory experiment of repeated design was executed by the different order of three conditions among 9(3x3) combinations with information presentation mode(text only, text with graphic, text with graphic in animation) as a treatment variable and complexity(3 levels of the content length in the number of characters) as a contingency variable. Dependent variables included recall and recognition explaining memory in the websites, and preference and attitude on assessing emotional response.When the complexity was added to the differences in information presentation modes, it affected differently by the combinations of the levels of complexity and presentation modes.

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