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논문 상세정보

『呂氏春秋』의 音樂論

Music Theory in Lushichunqiu

철학논총 v.66 no.4 , 2011년, pp.23 - 42  

The music in the Chinese ancient philosophy caused essential academic controversy at Prior-Qin Period since Confucious known as the originator of Confucianism had recognized the importance of music. And such an argument has been continued to Lushichunqiu which had been established during Qin period. Music theory alone makes us think that, it is considered that the music theory in Lushichunqiu along with that in Xunzi, Yuelunpian, Liji, and Yuejipian has constituted the representative music theory. The current study is concretely examined on the music theory in Lushichunqiu which had played an important role in the process for the progress of music. Directly, although the music theory in Lushichunqiu was established with acceptance of that in Xunzi, it has been confirmed the fact that it was not a mere acceptance but an exhibition of originality. The contents which the music theory in Lushichunqiu made the previous music theory advance in the course of explanation for history of natural music were as follows: to go back to Taiyi as an origin of natural music; to distinguish the appropriate music from the inappropriate; to find the difference between the appropriate music and the inappropriate by being based on a sound; to result in being in the conflict with each other depending on personal opinion. These facts were the first contents that had been made reference to in Lushichunqiu, therefore it is deliberated what the music theory in Lushichunqiu had been achieved to synthesize enlightening theory of both etiquette and music in Confucianism in addition to theory of natural life in Taoism, and consequently, the previous music theory has been elevated into the novel level.

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