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논문 상세정보

다문화 가족을 위한 한국인의 의・식・주 문화의식의 양상과 의미

The Cultural Consciousness in Korean Traditional Food, Clothing, and Shelter : A Means toward Building a Harmonious Multi-cultural Society

다문화콘텐츠연구 no.11 , 2011년, pp.287 - 311  

The purpose of this study is to examine Korean cultural consciousness in traditional food, clothing, and shelter for an understanding of Korean Society by multi-cultural families. Firstly, I investigated Koreans' sense of dignity revealed in the manner of wearing their clothes. Since clothes are very important symbol of courtesy and ceremonies in Korea, Koreans try to wear their clothes properly in special occasions. They regard clothing as a way of living in dignity. Secondly,I examined the communal sense related to the Korean special food called “jjigae.”Eating jjigae from a big pot together, Koreans can consolidate their affinity and confirm their sense of belonging as a family. Although this can cause some what exclusive group consciousness, yet this has a positive effect. Koreans value communal interest more than their personal profit as well as develop their community spirit based on the respect of family lineage and customs. Thirdly, I analyzed the sense of hierarchy in a family disclosed through Korean traditional floor heating system called “Ondol.” By burning wood in the kitchen, Koreans used to make food and heat their main living room called “Anbang.” In Anbang, there are two divided spaces: the cold upper place “Uitmok” and the warm lower place “Aretmok.”Elders often occupy the warm lower place close to the fireplace and young people sit on the cold upper place close to the door. This is a kind of ranking and treating people according to their age and status. Although the heating system has been modernized, this hierarchical sense of values still remains in the Koreanculture.As Korean cultural consciousness have developed according to these typical food, clothing, and shelter system, we need to understand our own culture for ourselves and we should make ourselves understood by multi-cultural families.Furthermore, we are expected to understand our unique culture and try to find its similarities and differences with others so as to solve each other's conflicts.Right now, in Korea, there are no sufficient supporting system for women marriage migrants, who suffer from cultural differences, family relationship difficulties,and communication problems. Thus, we need to suggest an educational system for their adaptation and accommodation to the Korean society. An education of Korean cultural consciousness revealed in Korean traditional food, clothing,and shelter, can be an effective way to inform these immigrants in order to build harmonious and advanced multi-cultural Korean society.

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