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논문 상세정보

영남지역 신석기시대 후기 토기의 지역성 검토

The process of Regional development about the Late Neolithic potteries in Yongnam Province

한국신석기연구 no.22 , 2011년, pp.33 - 55  

This paper deals with the late neolithic potteries in Yongnam province. I reconsidered the definition about potteries which are constructed the late neolithic period and examine the regional differences. The study of the late neolithic potteries have studied through many ways, especially classification and detail recording chronologically. However most studies have no exact process of analysis, they just followed the large stream.The recording chronologically of the late neolithic pottery, in the present, centers on form of SugariⅡ and form of Bonggaeri. This two different forms occurred many other opinions. This two forms have regional differences, time difference and horizontal line. Those many opinions make conclusions about diffusion from certain central place.I think that there are regional differences, so I reconsidered about it through potteries and distribution of it. Also there are time differences in their praedial servitude. I want to inquire into the neolithic potteries and their distribution to find out praedial servitude and the time difference in it.First of all I examined about entire the late neolithic potteries in Yongnam province before try to separate regional range - the east-southern part, the west-southern inland part and the west-southern coastal part. There are different aspects from these three parts. I extract attributes from patterns and pottery. From this, I examined distribution through regional.Through this study, I form a conclusion that the late neolithic pottery has regional distinction by the process as appearance, development and disappearance. I think that difference from regional distinction can be told as difference from groups through the way of use and characteristics. However I can't correct at this stage of study, and I expect result about regional distinction through complex and systematic study afterwards.

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