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논문 상세정보

마녀배달부 키키, 성장과 수행의 거리

, Distance between Initiation and Practice

한국언어문화 no.46 , 2011년, pp.163 - 185  

is an initiation story. Since it has such a stable storyline and plot, it is considered as a very high-quality work. Usage of typical initiation story and a higher destiny of narrative may power the degree of completion of the narrative structure however; it does not mean that it is going to support the legitimacy of the growth. Therefore, this article investigated the narrative structure in by analyzing the text. The girl was determined as the alternative signifiers, and the Coriko, which is the setting with beautiful landscapes and plastic space was determined in the view of the characteristic of the setting. This article arranged ‘growing up’ under three categories, the separation of the passage rite, development, integration. ‘Separation’, which follows the symbolic actions as isolation from the society, is shown when Kiki wears the witch clothes and leaves her house. ‘Development’ is a learning process of interiorizing the value, which is shown when she finds her identity and develops her abilities in an unfamiliar city. ‘Integration’, accomplishing the virtue that a society requires, is shown when Kiki saves Tombo by using her abilities, finds her identity, and gets a new status. By passing these passage rites, Kiki internalizes her identity and the fact that she has to work hard to improve her abilities, and that she has to have kindness and empathy to others. This is the alternative to distinguish her with male or a boy; however, its results came up with a reterritorialization. In addition, the Coriko, which is a land of no conflicts nor incongruity, unlike reality shows the limit since it is too romantic.Lack of researching of reality cannot be the alternative of the reality. This is why the pursuits for story of practice but cannot be the genuine initiation story.

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