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논문 상세정보

해방기 소설에 나타난 귀환의 양상 고찰

A Study on Aspects of Repatriation in Novels under the Period of Liberation

현대소설연구 no.48 , 2011년, pp.45 - 76  

Under the Japanese colonialism, a lot of Korean had to leave their hometown inevitably for Manchuria or Japan. After Liberation in 1945, they wanted to return from Manchuria or Japan. So there were many stories which describe the aspects of these people’s returning process under the period of Liberation.To Manchuria, most of them are farmers who emigrate with family. But in case of Japan, mainly, labors who work in factory or mine had to leave alone. Especially compulsory drafting, coal workers, comfort women had to take the bad conditioned labor area under the discrimination. In this paper, I’ll research the aspects of repatriation in novels under the period of Liberation.Manchuria area, so called Kando, is the ultimate land for Koreans when they suffered from bad situation. So, it is natural that there are a lot of stories which described the aspects of repatriation from Manchuria. Among them there are <귀향>written by Chung, Bi-seok, <혈거부족> written by Kim, Dong-ri,<별을 헨다> written by Kae, Yong-muk. In these works, they describe people’s anticipation for the emancipation and realistic problems. Especially the work <귀국자> written by Kim, Man-sun shows us an intellectuals who has conflicts between idea and reality. In the work <잔등> written by Huh, Jun, we can see the real extream situation or main stream in N. Korea under the period of Liberation. <삼팔선> written by Yeam, Sang-seup,shows a lot of refuging people from Manchuria area and predicted the tragic future between South and North Korea under the control of U.S and U.S.S.R.People came from Japan really willing to come back to hometown, Korea. They did’nt have any conflicts compare with the people who come from Manchuria because they were suffered from bad conditioned labor situation, discrimination and so on, They were grateful to go back to their family.In addition to them, there is another aspects which shows miserable Japanese as a defeated nation’s people who want to go back to Japan. The situation between North and South Korea ,38 degree Line as a border line, is totally different to the remained Japanese. Especially the Japanese who reside in North Korea had to escape from Soviet soldiers’s threat, plunder and violence. That is reason why miserable aspects of Japanese appeared in novels in the background of North Korea. We should study about the Japanese as a defeated nation’s people during this time. So to speak, ‘Independence’ is accomplished but ‘to built the nation’ is far from completion. Under these situation,the people who came from neighbor country to the home land should endure the difficult situation.

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