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논문 상세정보

<토지>의 탈식민 서사 연구 -탈식민 주체를 중심으로

The Study of Postcolonial Narrative in -centered on the subject of postcolonial-

한국언어문학 no.80 , 2012년, pp.163 - 192  

This study is written to clarify the postcolonial narrative in . For the purpose of this project, our study centered on the subject of postcolonial of . As a result, we focused on four main groups such as:the remnants of Donghak, the Korean independence movement groups of abroad, the inner characters of an empire and marginal characters. These four Korean groups resisted Japan's imperialism in various ways.The remnants of Korea's Donghak, the first group counter on Japan's colonial policy through an appropriation. Thus, they make an attempt the disturbance of control system in the colony. It is demonstrated throughout Kim hwan and Song kwan-su's struggle.The second group is the Korean independence movement groups abroad. We can divide it into an educational movement and independence struggle of arms. But both of them intended recovery of Jo Seon's national rights. To achieve this aim, they inspired consciousness of national rights to students and gathered campaign funds. Furthermore, they killed Japan's military policeman and a spy. Their activity become known by Song jang-hwan, Kwon pil-weng, and Jang in-geol.The third group is the inner characters of Japan's imperialism. Their ideology reveals generally based on socialism and they warn against Japan's militarism. Finally, their discourse bring froth the inner crack of an empire. This narrative is realized through おかだ じろ and むらかみ しょじ. The fourth group are marginal characters. They locate a marginal line, that is the binary logic of control or non-control, colonial or non-colonial, achieved in objective eyes. After all, their eyes demolish the strong binary logic of an imperialism or non-imperialism. All the more their discourse meets with humanism beyond non-imperialism. Jo chan-ha who married to Japanese woman and Yu in-sil who falled in love with Japanese man in demonstrate this logic. shows to us the collapse of a colonial control system through these four group's activity. Finally, we have a conclusion that is a postcolonial narrative.

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